Learn how to solve your own aches and pains.

Hi! My name is Clayton Law.

I want to help you help yourself.

  • You're sick of being in pain.
  • You've tried PT three times already with the same boring exercises you never remember to do.
  • You know the pain will return the next day after your massage treatment.
  • You're tired of relying on the Chiropractor to "fix you".

I've been there. It's awful.

I want to teach you how to get out of pain and stay active without fear of random injuries.

I’ve suffered from over 10 years of back pain and sciatica. It became my life pursuit to figure out how to solve my pain. Enter FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and KINSTRETCH.

Mobility Training changed my LIFE! I no longer felt scared to sit for that 5-hour drive. I no longer worried about when my back would “go out” again. I no longer lived in fear that my back would spasm at any moment.

5 years ago, I never dreamed that I would be able to rock climb, trail run, or dance without debilitating back pain.

Smart movement changed my life, and I want to help you change your life.

Stop Overthinking. Start Taking Action.

Marketing on IG should be fun.

You're mindlessly scrolling on IG and comparing yourself to every single "big account" with 30,000 followers, and you start to feel imposter syndrome peak it's ugly head back into your life.

"Their stuff looks SO good. My stuff looks like crap."

"What in the heck should I post?"

"Someone is already doing it. My stuff won't be any better. What's the point?"

"I don't seem to be getting any engagement on my posts. What do I need to do?"

"I've heard email marketing is important."

"Which online platform should I choose to host my material? There's a million of them!"

"Do I need a fancy camera? Probably need lighting before I start."

"How the f*ck do I price my programs?"

"I should probably get testimonials."

I'm here to help you.

It can feel super overwhelming and intimidating.

I want to have a conversation with you and see what you truly need help with.

I'll help you craft out a game-plan on what you next action steps are.

I'll help you focus on the things you need to build, and help you focus on marketing that you need to work on incorporating.

More importantly, I'll help you toss aside the sh*t you don't need to worry about.

I'm here to help you take action on the things you want to create, and to worry less.

When you do marketing and sales correctly, it is wayyyyy more fun.

Fun = Sustainable.

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